South Coast Kart Club


Competing in a Kart racing series has never been easier! No need to own a Kart or any race wear what so ever.


Just turn up and drive in an organised race series in our in house Kart Club Championship.


Karts, fuel, crash helmet, race suit & gloves are all included. If you want to use your own race-wear then you are more than welcome. With two weight categories , equal Karts & track time you really wont find closer racing!

Drivers of all abilities are welcome. Race in the whole championship or one off rounds. 

On the Day

  • 5 minute practice session,

  • Super Pole qualifying session Sets grids for the 15 Minute Pre Final  

  • 15 Minute Pre Final (best lap in Pre-Final sets the grid for the 20 minute Final)

  • 20 Minute Final

  • Trophie Presentation


Points are awarded in both finals towards the overall championship results, with 1 point for taking super pole. 

Our senior champs (over 16's) in 2020 will host one Master championship with three separate sub championships included. The Master Championship will run from 29th January to the 9th December The sub championships include a 3 round winter series from January to March, a 6 round summer championship from April to September and a 3 round Autumn Cup from October to December. Each Sub Championship will have 1 drop score to accommodate for a missed round or simple bad luck with the master Championship to include two drop scores.  

Trophies for 1st 2nd 3rd at every round & end of series top three in class.

Min Age 16yrs

Senior Dates 2020

Winter Series 2020

  • Round 1 - 29th January

  • Round 2 - 26th February

  • Round 3 - 25th March 

One drop round 

  • Winter Series Presentation 22nd April

Summer Championship 2020

  • Round 1 - 22nd April 

  • Round 2 - 13th May

  • Round 3 - 10th June 

  • Round 4 - 8th July 

  • Round 5 - 9th September 

  • Round 6 - 30th September 

One drop round

  • Summer Championship Presentation / Club social - 9th October


Autumn Cup 2020

  • Round 1 - 21st October 

  • Round 2 - 11th November 

  • Round 3 - 9th December 

One drop round

  • Autumn Cup Presentation / Club Christmas social - 17th December 

2019 Weight Categories 

Lights - Min 73kg

Heavies - Min 90kg 


Lead seat inserts can be used to achieve the minimum weight in desired category.


Personal driver weight is to be supplied by the competitor. 

Entry Fee - £59 per round

Snr Championship Race Entry 



Junior Dates 2020

  • Round 1 - 26th April 

  • Round 2 - 17th May

  • Round 3 - 26th June 

  • Round 4 - 12th July 

  • Round 5 - 13th September 

  • Round 6 - 25th October 

  • Round 7 - 15th November 

Entry Fee - £55 per round

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