5th June

Back on Track at South Coast Karting


The latest advice our government issued, hinted at the possible reopening of leisure facilities such as ours was to be the 4th July at the earliest.


Easing of lockdown Step 1 on the 13th May, & Step 2 on the 1st June, have been introduced on time, as planned. We are hopeful that this is to be the case for Step 3. We are expecting confirmation around 20th of June, but we are busy getting ready and our aim is to welcome you back on the 4th July. Providing, A, It's safe for guests and staff. B, The government gives us the green light and C, that it is viable for us to open.


We will be implementing some new procedures on site at South Coast Karting. You can expect to see some changes in how we do things. Some of the measures in place whilst we are fighting Covid 19 will be as follows.


  • Pre Bookings ONLY - (no walk ins) This will be introduced to control venue numbers.

  • Pre Registration - Reception will remain closed for registration. Pre Booked drivers will receive a link to register from their own smartphone, tablet or PC prior arrival.

  • Social distancing will be introduced on site with allocated waiting areas for each group.

  • Hand sanitiser stations at specially selected locations throughout the venue. 

  • Toilets will be one in one out, and will continue to be cleaned on a regular basis.

  • Own gloves and balaclavas to be used if using our crash helmets. Our hygiene packs (consisting of new gloves and balaclavas) are available to purchase at the track and are yours to keep for just £3.50.

  • Freshly laundered race suits for all drivers.

  • Each driver will be issued with a freshly sanitised crash helmet for the duration of their visit. You are welcome and encouraged to use your own raceware if you have it. 

  • All pre race briefings will be held outside. 

  • Staff members will be encouraged to wear PPE supplied by SCK when in direct personal contact. 


Rest assured, your experience will not be compromised when you're in the kart. The above measures are only in place to keep our valued customers and our staff safe whilst spending time at South Coast Karting. 


Bookings are now being accepted. You do not currently need to leave a deposit for bookings in July. Once confirmation is received from the government that we can open as expected from the 4th July, we will contact you with regards to securing your provisional race event. 


Email team@southcoastkarting.co.uk or call on 01202 577733 (phone lines back open now).


See you on the grid soon...

1st June

We will remain closed throughout June and are monitoring the changing situation very carefully in anticipation for a time when it is safe for you to come back and enjoy the SCK track & karts. We are currently working on introducing a covid safe operation so you are safe for your visit. We hope that its not to long of a wait until its safe to return to the track.

20th March 

Putting business and finances aside, our health as individuals and as a nation is far more important than anything else. Having seen events across the world unfold in recent days and having friends who live in Europe and in particular family in Italy it's time for South Coast Karting to act appropriately.

The government is recommending people self distance from necessary gatherings in pubs, clubs, restaurants and unnecessary activities but has not set this as law. This puts business like ours in a difficult position, having to judge the situation from our own individual perspectives.

For us it is imperative that we do not aid the spread of Coronavirus, make staff, friends, family and customers unwell. Putting additional strain on the NHS and associated staff is also something we do not want to do.

As a business dealing with the public from all walks of life we feel that it would be irresponsible for us to stay open for the few that do still want to come.

With a heavy heart we have made a moral decision to close until the 30th April. As the situation is very fluid we will keep you posted on any developments should we need to extend this period of closure.

For anyone who has a booking placed during this period we will be in touch with you individually. Please be patient while we work through this.


We are so so grateful to those of you who have already agreed to postpone your event until a later date. We are a small family business and your flexibility is a massive help to us in this difficult time. 

Yours in Sport

The South Coast Karting Team

South Coast Karting

Chapel Gate Circuit 



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