Super Prix

8-26 drivers required

The SCK Super Prix is perfect for small or large groups looking for the ultimate exclusive race event, where you can expect over 100 laps to be completed by every driver. 

Drivers take part in a Practice session which proceeds a number of Heats.  Each driver will race in Six heats. Starting each heat from a random grid. At the end of the Heats the points scored from a drivers finishing positions in the heats will determine where they start in the finals.


Up to three finals take place with the A final for the top scoring 13 drivers, the B final for the middle scoring 13 drivers and the C final for the lower 13 scoring drivers.

Everyone gets the same track time, regardless of ability. 

Trophies for 1st 2nd 3rd placed finishers and bubbly for the winner.

Super Grand Prix

1 x 5 Minute Practice Session (approx. 10 laps)

6 x 6 Minute Heat Races (approx. 72 laps)

1 x 10 Minute Final (approx. 20 laps)​

102 Lap Event


Not available Saturdays - See here for Saturday Race Options 

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