Terms and Conditions

South Coast Karting Ltd are committed to ensuring all of its customers enjoy their event. To ensure
there is no misunderstanding with regards to purchase and participation of any event please read the
following information carefully.

All participants will be required to agree to an indemnity at registration and attend the briefing
before the start of the event.


Once your event is booked, South Coast Karting allocates your event slot and covers the associated
costs for the karts booked and staff. We require you to arrive in plenty of time (at least 30 minutes
before the start of your event). All participants must attend a pre-race briefing. Failure to do so or
being late will result in you not being able to take part in the event.


All drivers must abide by the circuit rules and regulations as described in the briefing. They must drive in a manner as instructed. They will be unable to complete their race if any Kart is damaged due to misuse while they are in control and no refunds will be given.


A 50% deposit is required to secure a booking.


The Balance & final minimum numbers are due 28 days prior the event booking. No refunds are issued within 28 days of  the booked event date. Driver numbers can increase inside the 28 day cut off period subject to availability.


All drivers must be a minimum age of 14 years to drive our 200cc Fleet.

All drivers must be a minimum age of 8 years to drive our 160cc Fleet.

Drivers must be a minimum of 16 years to take part in a Grand Prix or Endurance race event.

Any driver may be asked to produce Identification as proof of age.


Driver limitations
200cc Karts - All drivers must be under 16 stone (101kg), over 5’ (152cm) and under 6’3” (191cm)
tall in order to race.

160cc Karts - All drivers must be over 4.25' (1.3 meters) in order to race.



All drivers must be completely free from alcohol on the date booked and must not consume alcohol
during the event. Any driver considered by the circuit management to be under the influence of
alcohol will not permitted to race.


No Shows and late arrivals
Upon booking, karts and staff are allocated to you. If you fail to arrive on the date booked or you are
late for your event you will forfeit the event and no refunds are payable.


It is a condition that when booking an event at South Coast Karting that all possible means are taken to
ensure your event can run. However in cases of adverse weather conditions it my be that the circuit
will not be operational and therefore your event can not be run. South Coast Karting therefore reserves
the right to cancel your event and arrange and alternative event convenient to you. If no date is
agreeable then a full refund will be given. A part refund will be issued to the parentage of event
participation should a race be stopped part way through.


You will be spending a lot of time outside, so wear suitable clothing but when driving you must wear
the race suit, crash helmet and gloves supplied. Trainers are ideal as the
peddles in karts are dainty. No work style boots, high heels or open footwear is permitted.

If you have your own safety equipment you are welcome to use it, but it must
be checked by a member of staff first.


Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase. All gift vouchers are non refundable.
Gift vouchers can not be extended. It is the recipients’ responsibility to understand the valid period,
operating days within that time and plan accordingly to use it before the valid period expires. Gift
vouchers can be transferred to another person in their entirety but can not be split. Vouchers are to be redeemed as one voucher per person.