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Are you looking to add some excitement to your day? Looking to get some sneaky practice in for an up and coming race? Or do you want to experience the thrill of leaving the pits, putting your foot to the floor and seeing what lap times you can achieve on a race track?  


The SCK Timed Sessions are the perfect solution for adrenaline seekers and motorsport enthusiasts looking for a fun-filled activity to fill their time.  

On arrival head to reception to register for your session. We will then head to racewear to get kitted out in race suits and crash helmets.

Now you look like a racing driver it's into the pre-race briefing where we will run you through everything you need to know about our Karts, the Circuit, and everything you need to be aware of when racing around the south coast karting circuit.

Each timed session is 15 minutes of driving, about 30 laps in one of our 200cc snr karts. That's almost 10 miles. 


When you leave the pits you will complete one slow sighting lap before the action starts. Can you overtake like Michael Schumacher? Can you defend your position? Every lap you complete is tracked by our professional timing software.  

When the session is over you will be able to check your session data to see where you end up on the leaderboard.

We hold regular sessions for Cadet Drivers (8-12s). Junior Drivers (13-16s) and Adult Drivers (17+)


Cadets have their own session. Junior drivers race in adult Karts, in adult sessions. In the interest of safety we never run adult Karts & Cadet karts on the circuit at the same time.

Please ensure all drivers meet the minimum heights and ages to drive in the sessions booked and do not exceed the maximum limits.

Sessions are priced per person for track time. All timed sessions are 15 minutes long. If you choose multiple sessions you will have a short break of 15/20 minutes between sessions to check out your lap times and take a breather.


In addition to your track time you need to allow extra time at the circuit  for driver check in, Kitting up & drivers briefing.

Allow just over 1 hour to complete 1 session and add 30 minutes to your visit for each additional session you choose to take.

1st Session - £25, 2nd Session - £22.50, 3rd Session - £20

The most popular option is two sessions.

Book your sessions online now or call on 01202 577733.

​120cc CADET karts

Driver Heights 1.25mtr - 1.60mtr

Cadet ages restrictions  8-12yrs

Cadet Karts Not Available Saturdays 

​200cc ADULT Karts

Driver Heights 1.55mtr - 1.91mtr 

Junior age restrictions 13-15yrs

Adults 16yrs + 

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