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Kart Selection


1. Your Karts are randomly allocated for each session/race. You will not drive the same Kart twice.

1.2 After Kart allocation you can opt to draw a spare Kart. 

1.3 If you choose to select a spare kart, you have to stick with that kart; you are not permitted to revert to your first selected Kart.

1.4 If you select a spare kart and you have already driven that spare kart, you will drive it again.

1.5 In the event of a kart breaking down during the race, we will allocate you your new kart to continue the race.


Red flag scenario 


2. If you are the cause of the red flag due to injury, you will have to start at the back of the grid if there is a restart. Subject to clearance from a first aider. 

2.1 If you cause the red flag due to injury and the results are called you will score last place points.

2.2 If less than 5 laps are completed by the leader when the red flag comes out there will be a full restart in the same grid positions you started the race subject to clause 2 & 2.1.

2.3 If more than 5 laps are completed by the leader when the red flag comes out we will restart with a rolling start single file in the order of the last lap completed subject to clauses 2 & 2.1

2.4 If the red flag is due to kart failure we will change your kart and you will restart in the same position before your kart broke.

2.5 In the heats If 15 laps are completed by the leader before a red flag comes out the results will stand (from the last completed full lap, subject to clauses 2 & 2.1) and there will not be a restart.

2.6 In the final if 20 laps are completed by the leader before a red flag comes out the results will stand (from the last completed full lap, subject to clause 2 & 2.1) and there will not be a restart.


Start Procedure 


3. The chicane will remain in for the first lap and first place will start on the left hand side

3.1 Reverse layout starts will be a rolling start behind pace Kart in 2 by 2 formation. No Chicane for the first lap on reverse starts. 


Qualifying will take place across three groups. At the end of qualifying the order from fastest to slowest will be split into the pre A, B & C finals. Finals grid size will depend on the number of drivers racing.

If the circuit is changeable (drying or getting wetter) between qualifying groups then the fastest lap time from each group will qualify on Pole, 2nd & 3rd in the Pre-A Final. The second

fastest lap time in each group will qualify 4th, 5th & 6th in the Pre-A Final, and so on.


Even if the 3rd fastest driver in Group 2 achieves a faster lap time than the 2nd fastest driver in

Group 1 for instance, the Group 1 driver will be awarded the higher position. The reason being to nullify any change in track conditions across the qualifying sessions.

Blue flags


4. If you receive a blue flag and are being lapped by a faster driver, you must remain in your position until the faster driver has cleared all lapped battling drivers.



  • Jump Start - 2 place penalty

  • Hitting Cone - 2 second penalty

  • 2nd Contact Warning - 3 second penalty

  • Overtaking under a yellow flag - 3 second penalty

  • Advantage By Contact (ABC) - 5 second penalty

  • Squeezing another driver/Running a driver off the track/into a tire wall - 5 Second Penalty

  • Loading into turn 1 at the start of a race - 5 second penalty

  • Spinning or knocking off another driver (unintentional) - 4 place penalty

  • Deliberate contact/Deliberately Spinning or knocking off another driver - Black flag,  3 meeting ban 

  • Spinning on out lap/in lap/under yellow flag conditions - 3 second penalty 

  • Voluntary retirement - Race over, Zero Points

  • Rejoining a session or race in dangerous manor and causing an incident or compromising another driver - Black Flag, Race over. 

  • Underweight - Excluded from race/session (CADETS N/A)

  • Excessive weaving/blocking (moving more than once in a straight line) - Black flag, Stop Go.

  • Re entering a race after being subject to a Red Flag - 3 second penalty.

  • Late arrival, missing the briefing - No race.

  • Abuse to officials or other drivers (this includes, friends/family/helpers of drivers to officials) - Life time ban of Championship races 

  • Penalties will NOT be discussed, debated or explained


Officials reserve the right to amend penalties issued based on individual incidents.

For every 5 Penalties received you will receive a deduction of 5 points from your championship total.

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